f e e d b a c k

- I was comforted as my pain was acknowledged and I felt validated.
As a result, my self-confidence based on trusting myself and my feelings has increased, and I am better able to express my needs and set boundaries.I felt respected at all times and challenged to be honest. Therapist is warm, gentle, caring and extremely passionate to help you to discover your strength and build on those. She is devoted to your well-being.
I felt respected at all times and challenged to be honest.

- It helped me to explore aspects of myself I wasn't aware of previously.
It allowed me to open myself up more emotionally. Art therapy was setting on my feet, pushing me into the world.She is kind and understanding. Open to looking at things from my perspective, but was firm about what she felt the art told about me.

- It helped me to manage my feeling and be conscious of it. Knowing what sits inside my core is very helpful and it helped me to get out of my depression loop.
She is a nice person. She is caring and willing to listen. She is also straight forward guiding me to understand myself truthfully.
- I do think Art therapy helped me understand how I got to where I was prior to hospitalization.It also provided me with an emotional outlet and important insight into myself and changes I must make to fully recover and maintain my mental health.
She is insightful, genuine and kind. It is evident that she cares deeply about her clients and is very committed to using art therapy to help people. I left each session feeling I learned unexpected things about myself. Without her guidance, I would not have found the mental clarity and belief in myself that I'm now trying to foster in my life.

- Yes, it has provided me with insight as to why I am feeling or perceiving reality in one way and with that insight giving me more options or approaches to alter my perceptions and lessen my struggles in my life.

- Art therapy helped me to know myself better. My drawing did not tell lie. Art therapy helped me to find out the “hidden” part of myself, so I was able to discover the root of my life problems.

- It helped me to understand myself at a deeper level. Learning about and discovering my core values helps to process my thoughts and emotions. Most importantly, the tools I have acquired from therapy has allowed me to have a better relationship with myself and my family.

- Art therapy was a natural process for me to gently and safely travel deeper into the areas of my psyche without the resistance that my conscious mind would not be allowed to access so easily.The resistance and the parts of me that were scared or very young and innocent could come out of the shadows to be seen and understood.Art therapy helped me to heal a split inside of me due to repression of trauma and chronic family of origin dysfunction. My impression of my art therapist Keisei was that she was able to resonate and attune to me and my stories of trauma and pain with a deep empathic connection.
- Art therapy helped me significantly. I have become much stronger and more self-aware emotionally during this process. It has been the most helpful experience that I’ve been through where I feel like I’ve grown and actually made progress. That’s saying a lot given the approximately 20 years of therapy I’ve had which has in the end served more as a band aid. I am very impressed by the art therapist. She is a very good listener, extremely insightful, creative in thinking of art assignments that might work to bring out more insight into what we're working on, thoughtful, tough whe she needs to be (to push me to areas I might find it difficult to go), smart, caring, and kind.

- The process was a unique experience. I was surprised by many things that were discovered from the art. I have awareness and connection with my feelings. I have an organized understanding of my identity. By becoming aware of who I am, I can now appreciate my actions and behaviors. I am more independent and self-driven and less influenced by external factors. I appreciate that the therapist has been very understanding and remain non-judgemental regardless of what I said or was feeling.

- I find it intriguing and engaging. Intrigued by the fact as to how the unconscious thoughts revealed itself through art. Art therapy has helped me to go deeper within and really reflect on my journey by gaining clarity, understanding my emotions and experiences better.

- It is different from other therapy sessions that I have had. Being a logical person, I had my reservation. The art therapist nevertheless was able to gain insight into myself that I agreed with. Something were difficult to put into pictures or symbols, but I was able to get through it with the therapist’s help. I learned about myself that I did not know before. It was eye-opening if not unbelievable at first thought.
- I found Keisei to be an exceptional person to speak to and to learn from. Her approach was adapted to my needs and what I was going through which I greatly appreciated. She gave me a chance to discover things on my own while at the same time guiding me in the right direction. I felt very secure and safe in sharing my feelings with Keisei and as I grew, she gave me more and more feedback to improve.
- The actural process of art therapy itself is beautiful. I regret not trying it earlier in my life. I like to think that our sessions are like a bottle-opener, and that they've cracked the top of my head like a cap, spilling forth the contents of my mind. I alwasy felt completely safe in our sessions, and I attribute that to her calm but firm demeanor. She did it all with patience and a sense of humor that made every moment--- even the hard, vulnerable ones --- enjoyable and insightful.

- Keisei was very professional and accurate in her guidance. She showed me valuable insight with gentle probing and guiding through various areas of my past. She made a path that felt very natural, with one insight leading to the next.
Overall, a very positive experience.

- A very kind, nice, and honest person. I could see the efforts she put into each session. When I was not that good at expressing my emotions, she adjusted the topic of drawing in order to help me to express myself better.
I enjoyed every session with her.

- From the very beginning, I felt that Keisei is passionate about art therapy, and she was genuinely interested in me as a client and what I had to say. Her insight of her own experiences of multiculturalism made me trust her and interested in the knowledge she had to offer. She is open, courteous and reliable, and she never fails to challenge you just when you think you may have something figured out!

- I found the art therapy process extremely helpful to find myself and to express my feeling through art, something I don’t believe I would have had the ability through talking or conventional therapy. I enjoyed my sessions even though I faced topics that were painful and very emotional. It is hard to express my complete gratitude to Keisei. I felt a strong connection which allowed me to express and open myself up through my art and sessions. I believe Keisei was able to push me to search within myself for the truth.

- The therapist was able to understand my perspectives and open to share and try out different methods. One of the most valuable aspects was the therapist actively challenged me to think deeper into questions when my response was lacking or insufficient. I learned a lot, about myself that I did not know before. It was eye-opening if not unbelievable at first thought.

- My impression of the art therapist is that she is a very experienced person with lots of wisdom. She can be firm in getting me to reflect deeply, yet gentle when I am feeling vulnerable. She is a person of integrity with valuable insight.

- Art therapist has away of challenging my viewpoints without sounding mean. She always explained the basis of her opinion which was extremely helpful. It is rare for me to meet someone with whom I can debate, and still know that I am in good hands.