I am happy to introduce myself as a registered art therapist for the past  twenty years.

Art was my major back in college in the United States and pottery was my selected media and my profession while I was in Japan.

Close to 30 some years in art, I have acquired my own philosophy in life through the practice of it.
My perception is that “the essential” of beauty, of life itself is skin deep.
What surpasses the surface-a tangible illusion, has its strongest and deepest presence in our life.

When I introduce myself both as a person and as an art therapist to you, it is neither my art nor my credentials that I shall speak from but rather my debilitated childhood asthma.
This ailment robbed my freedom and connection with the outside world.
Yet, musingly, other than having felt being imprisoned and lonely, the experience itself awakened my senses to an internal world of a universal empty space which I think you and I both share.
From this emptiness, I created my art and still continue to create.
This is the place where my heart is because the intangible, I believe, where emptiness sits, is truly a heartfelt place where growth,beauty and changes can be made possible.
Knowing this place, and feeling this place deeply, I became an art therapist.

Everything in life begins from emptiness, so is art therapy, and yet looking inside of it,  
I know for sure you will find art therapy truly begins with the unknowing.