▷ What is the role of an art therapist?
The role of an art therapist is to prepare a variety of art materials, and possibly to find the most suitable material tailored to an individual or a group.
To provide a safe environment and confidentiality is a must.
An art therapist is also a witness to the entire therapeutic process.
Above all, an art therapist’s role is to guide the client inside the art and find the key to the existing problem.

▷ Does an art therapist make interpretation of the art?
An art therapist should never make any interpretation but to bring client’s self awareness to the existing problem.

▷ If you are already under medications, will art therapy help?
Medication may ease and may cure your physical symptoms, but they may notnecessarily help to alleviate the cause to your suffering.
Art therapy can certainly complement medication by bringing you a step closer to your inner self so that you will be able to understand the cause to your existing problem.