▷ How did Art therapy assist you towards self healing?

Client A: I was comforted as my pain was acknowledged and I felt validated.
As a result, my self-confidence based on trusting myself and my feelings has increased,
and I am better able to express my needs and set boundaries.

Client B: It helped me to explore aspects of myself I wasn’t aware of previously.
It allowed me to open myself up more emotionally.

Client C: It helped me to manage my feeling and be conscious of it.
Knowing what sits inside my core is very helpful and it helped me to get out of my depression loop.

Client D: I do think Art Therapy helped me understand how I got to where I was prior to hospitalization.
It also provided me with an emotional outlet and important insight into myself and changes I must make to fully recover and maintain my mental health.

▷ How did you find the art therapist?

Client A: I felt respected at all times and challenged to be honest.
Therapist is warm, gentle, caring and extremely passionate to help youdiscover your strength
and build on those.
She is devoted to your well-being.

Client B: Kind and understanding. Open to looking at things from my perspective,
but was firm about what she felt the art told about me.

Client C: A nice person. She is caring and willing to listen.
She is also straight forward guiding me to understand myself truthfully.

Client D: She is insightful, genuine and kind.
It is evident that she cares deeply about her clients and is very committed to using art therapy to help people.
I left each session feeling I learned unexpected things about myself.
Without her guidance, I would not have found the mental clarity and belief in myself
that I’m now trying to foster in my life.