art therapist

keisei yevonne anzai

 registered art therapist


  Canadian Art Therapy Association, R.C.A.T.
  British Columbia Art Therapy Association, B.C.A.TR
 California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland California, BFA, MA
 Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada, VATI
Therapeutic Approach:
  Carl Roger‘s client centered and humanistic approach
  Fluent in English, Japanese and simple Chinese

▷ Work experiences in Vancouver, BC, Canada: ● Private practice
 ● Laurier Annex, children ages 6-12,
   Tilicum Annex, children ages 6-12,
   Bayview elementary, children ages 6-12,
   Elsie Roy elementary, children ages 6-12,
   with learning disability, separation crisis, behavioral issues,
   trauma, grief, attachment issues and sexually abused ● Private practice
 ● University of British Columbia Psychiatric impatient mood disorder unit
   Richmond General Hospital inpatient & out - patient psychiatric unit
 ● Adanac Park Lodge Residential care home, seniors with dementia & mental illness
   Little mountain Place residential care home, seniors with dementia and Alzheimer
 ● Sancta Maria Recovery House, women with addiction
 ● Private practice

▷ Work experiences in Japan:
 ● Private practice
 ● ASK Human Care, art therapy workshops
 ● Meiji Gakuin University, art therapy workshops
 ● Kobe Design University, art therapy workshop, Kobe
 ● National Center of Neurology and psychiatry, National Center Hospital,
   lecture and art therapy workshops
 ● Nerima City Education Center, art therapy workshops, children (ages 7-12)
 ● The 12th Menopause and Aging Healthcare Medical Conference,
   speaker and presenter on art therapy
 ● The 13th & 14th Menopause and Aging Healthcare Medical Conference,
   round table discussion chairperson on art therapy
 ● Silva Villa Kooyama long term care home, seniors with dementia and Alzheimer
 ● Private clinic, art therapy workshops